LASER CLEANING - the action through which laser radiation removes material from a surface in a controlled manner.

Why Laser cleaning ?
The answer is given by some of the characteristics of the laser mater interaction process. So, laser cleaning is :

  • ecological friendly method, by replacing the different solvents currently used in surface cleaning process
  • a great intensity in a precise localized point on the surface can be obtained by laser focalization, and no effects on the adjacent zones are present
  • localized action in depth of the material if the proper intensity and number of pulses is used, depending on the thickness of the covering material to be removed
  • no secondary effects are induced on the surface and in the volume of the material, like mechanical stresses, cracks, aso
  • it can be used for in-situ cleaning, without removing the subject object from the technologic flux
  • it can be used to clean surfaces situated in difficult to access places
  • it can be used to remove covering materials which are dangerous for people, in maximum protection conditions
  • it can be used for any type of material and fragile objects
  • by coupling laser cleaning with the spectroscopy of the ablated material, it is possible to obtain information about the composition of the covering material and the reactions taking place at the surface
  • a real time monitoring of the cleaning process can be realized
  • main mechanism: laser ablation

Application areas :

  • nanotehnologies
  • restoration of the cultural heritage
  • industry
  • Laser Ablation Applications :
    • Mold cleaning
    • Surface Preparation
    • Removal of coatings and release agents
    • Weld and joining pre-treatment
    • Removal of oil and grease
    • Oxide removal
    • Paint removal
    • Surface cleaning
    • Gluing pre-treatment
    • Tool cleaning
    • Baking tray cleaning
    • Historic Restoration
  • Industries :
    • Auto Manufacturing
    • Automotive Supply
    • Bakery
    • Rubber Molding
    • Plastics
    • Aerospace
    • Tire
    • Friction Products
    • Printing
    • Glass

Removal tests of the subsequent
painting patina and dummy dirt layers.

Test of subsequent painting
layers up to the wood support removal